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Recently, Kirby learned English well. So well in fact, that he started working as the principal at a school Dedede used to manage when he wasn't so nice back then. After the school year ended, your cousin lost certain stuff he needed to bring home when the school year ended, so you decided to get it for him, because if he did, he would be late for the best summer camp he would ever go to in his life. However, for some reason, everyone's still here at the school, maybe for summer schooling or something. You enter the school, and continue to succeed on bringing your cousin's stuff back to him! But of course, the teachers and students would probably challenge you, too.

This mod took 2 months to make, and I hope it's played by popular YouTubers.

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Install instructions

Literally just extract the zip file. Sadly, I can't make Mac and Linux versions.


KirbysBasicsV2.3.zip 131 MB
KirbysBasicsV2.2.1.zip 130 MB
KirbysBasicsV2.1.zip 132 MB
KirbysBasicsV2.0c.zip 132 MB

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